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Today’s employees spend as much as 80% of the day communicating.  We jump on virtual meetings with clients, we give a presentation to our team, or we have a difficult conversation with a colleague. Speak Training Development is a communications-focused partner to your business offering training and coaching on soft skills including Presentation Skills, Virtual Engagement, Behavioral Styles, and Emotional Intelligence. 


Speak Training’s story:

Staying calm in the heat of a riot while the television news truck you are in is shaken and attacked with rocks, getting caught in the early formation of a tornado, knocking on the door of a family who just lost their soldier son overseas, not skipping a beat when the camera you are talking into on live TV catches on fire…just a day in the life of a television news reporter. 


Christina Butler dealt with those situations for the better part of two decades.   Without realizing it at the time, those moments and interactions were all laying the foundation for her life after news: sharing the importance of soft skills at work. It was EQ – not IQ – that got her through many of those situations. It was presentation skillsthat kept her on track when challenges threatened to throw her reporting and live shots off course. It was an understanding of behavioral styles that allowed her to adapt to other’s preferred communication style during interviews.


In 2014, Christina began speaking and training on professional development topics like those above, in addition to media management. The pandemic offered value to Virtual Presentation Skills and Virtual Engagement programs. 

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Now approaching her decade mark in the world of learning and development, Christina jokes she is a recovering reporter who loves to speak about soft skills the way some people love to talk about sports.

Giving a Presentation

Clients include:

Local and state government
Higher Education
Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
Healthcare systems
Private executive


Christina Butler 

Christina Butler is President and lead facilitator for Speak Training Development. As a trainer and speaker, she leans on her years in front of the camera as a television news reporter to connect with and engage her audience. 

Certified in Emotional Intelligence and DISC Behavioral Stlyes, Christina is also a contributing author for two books through her work with The Professional Edge, Inc: Best In Class: Etiquette and People Skills for Your Career and Making the Grade: Presentation Skills Success from Classroom to Conference Room.

She has her bachelor's degree as well as certificates from University of Pennsylvania and Duke University.

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